Our vision is to make York, North Yorkshire and East Riding the place in England to scale-up a small business, combining a quality business location with a great quality of life.

To do this we will:

Create 20,000 new jobs
Connect every student to business
Deliver £3 billion growth
Double house building


  • Keeping the Lights On and Feeding Folk

    28 April

    With some very large investments coming up in our area, Our chairman Barry Dodd shares how rural areas should be viewed alongside urban for economic growth.

  • Organisations Invited to Apply for £8m European Funding for Innovation Programmes

    15 April

    Organisations are invited to apply for large scale projects to support business innovation. Closing date Friday 27 May.

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Resources & Numbers

  • £21.7 billion

    ↑ 3.0% Size of the economy (2013 GVA)
  • 513,600 ↑12,400 employment (2014)

  • 6,505 ↓157 JSA Claimants (August 2015)

  • 51,365 ↑6.6% Number of businesses (2015)