Our vision is to make York, North Yorkshire and East Riding the place in England to grow a small business, combining a quality business location with a great quality of life.

To do this we will:

Create 20,000 new jobs
Connect every student to business
Deliver £3 billion growth
Double house building


  • Grants available to boost North Yorkshire and the East Riding’s tourism economy

    30 September

  • Have your say on how government can reduce red tape

    21 September

    Opportunity to comment on government's latest discussion document.

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Resources & Numbers

  • £21.7 billion

    ↑ 3.0% Size of the economy (2013 GVA)
  • 513,600 ↑12,400 employment (2014)

  • 6,505 ↓157 JSA Claimants (August 2015)

  • 48,210 ↑2.4% Number of businesses (2014)