The Skills Capital Fund


The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership is committed to developing substantial economic growth in areas detailed in its Strategic Economic Plan.

The Local Enterprise Partnership is currently negotiating with the Government a further extension of the Local Growth Deal to enable investment in priorities for the Local Enterprise Partnership area. An important part of the Local Growth Deal is the Skills Capital Fund. It will be used to invest in projects that will contribute to the delivery of the Strategic Economic Plan.

The five priorities of the Strategic Economic Plan are:

  1. Profitable and ambitious small and micro businesses
  2. A global leader in food manufacturing, agri-tech and biorenewables
  3. Inspired People
  4. Successful and distinctive places
  5. A well connected economy

The focus of the Skills Capital Fund is to provide high quality learning facilities that contribute to economic growth and meet labour market requirements. Skills capital projects may include new buildings, refurbishment of poor quality buildings, new equipment and software.

The Strategic Economic Plan 

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2016 Skills Capital (closed 18 May 2016)

Following the May 2016 invitation to submit Expressions of Interest, the following proposals are being progressed to the next stage:

  1. Selby College – Higher Education Innovation centre

This will be a centre for innovation to provide a high quality learning environment. Along with teaching the facility will give support for higher education Learners including apprentices. The centre will utilise the latest teaching methods and IT devices such as flipped and virtual learning. It will focus on delivering learning outcomes for construction, business skills, computing and engineering. Also it makes possible specialised re-skilling by offering conversion courses like the MSc in Engineering.

  1. Selby College – Trailblazer

Due to the increasing complexity of automation deployed in both Food and Drink and Agri-tech industries there is an urgent demand for new and cutting-edge skills. This Trailblazer project will meet this demand by delivering learning and skills on topics such as: strategy, maintenance management, information technology, mechanical engineering (and related technologies such as hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics). Trailblazer will also support the delivery of technical and higher-level skills and Apprenticeships.

  1. Craven College – Electronics and Computing Laboratory

This project will provide a specialist workshop with the facilities, equipment and services required to deliver Electronic and Computing Engineering. It will be capable of delivering the curriculum at levels 2, 3 and 4 (HNC and Higher-level Apprenticeships) and will be a crucial factor with the College’s delivery of Aviation Engineering at Leeds Bradford International Airport.

  1. York College – Internet of Things

The ‘Internet of Things’ will help the College meet the growing demand for higher technical and professional skills in Information Technologies. It will enable delivery of the Foundation Degree in Computing Systems Design and Solutions plus the Apprenticeship standards in Software Development, Cyber Intrusion Analyst and Cyber Security Technologist.

  1. Yorkshire Arboretum – Tree Health Centre

When operational the Tree Health Centre will up-skill the workforce on how to deal with critical tree health issues and deliver other urgently required skills such as agri-tech. There is an unprecedented increase in tree pests and diseases which need a rigorous and up-to-date legal Framework detailing competences and risk management. Not only will this important project put this into place it will also have a positive impact on all tree owners and stakeholders. Recent research confirms that there is a strong demand for specialised training in this area.

  1. Derwent Training Association – RADAR2

Although RADAR2 (Responding to Apprenticeship Demand in our ARea) is financially a small investment it will have a significant impact. The project will allow existing much used equipment and facilities to be updated and enhanced in order to provide excellent training with engineering NVQs at level 3 and also with Higher-level Apprenticeships.

  1. Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education – ELITE Project

ELITE (Engineering, Logistics, Information Technologies and Enterprise) will provide vocationally specific accommodation to underpin the growth in high quality post-16 provision. This project will service the needs of the ‘opportunity coast’ with both primary skills and further education. It will place a strong focus on key skills that are most in demand including: construction; engineering; manufacturing; cyber security; logistics; health and safety; hospitality; visitor economy; digital technology; creative and cultural; health and social care; childcare; and business skills.

  1. East Riding College – Mechatronics

The facilities will be situated in Bridlington on the ‘opportunity coast’; this specialised workshop will deliver training for urgently needed skills in engineering up to level 4. The workshop will also enable delivery of higher-level Apprenticeships. The College is a member of a unique partnership called ‘HEAD into Engineering’ that is tasked with developing a skills training pathway for students in school (Year 10) who wish to gain employment by achieving recognised College courses or Apprenticeships.

  1. East Riding College – Skills Centre

The Skills Centre will comprise of a two storey cutting-edge facility for skills delivery. It will take-over the current skills provision of engineering and construction currently supplied by a temporary leased building in Beverley. Apart from this, the learning and skills delivered by the new Skills Centre will include health and safety, music and digital technologies. It will also provide industry specific short courses and will strive to become a regional centre for trade union studies.

  1. York College – Higher level Skills for Engineering

This skills training provision will help meet the growing demand for higher-level technical and professional skills in Engineering and Information Technologies. It will revitalise and add new programmes to the College’s curricula such as – higher-level engineering, manufacturing, operations and maintenance. This offering will increase the take-up of higher-level Apprenticeships in these critical areas (Levels 4-6).

  1. Henshaws College – Outreach Centre (Selby)

This project will focus on provision for SEND people (Special Educational Needs and Disability) including visual impairment, learning difficulties and physical disability. The project will establish an Outreach Centre offering provision to bridge the skill and knowledge gap identified. It will also put into place a learning provision for special school sixth form leavers who need general further education but are not quite ready for mainstream College.

  1. York College – Higher level Skills for Construction

This project will help the College meet the growing demand for higher technical and professional skills in the construction sector.

The Enterprise Partnership wishes to thank all applicants for their submission during May 2016


What if we have a skills capital proposal that it is not quite ready to submit?

It is strategically important for the Local Enterprise Partnership to have a strong awareness of potential projects even though only at conceptual stage. In order to gain a better insight of future skills needs the Partnership will engage in activities to collect these conceptual projects. Wherever possible the Partnership will help to develop conceptual proposals towards funded projects. Please contact Pete Johnson to discuss.

Application Documents

The application form and guidelines can be downloaded here:

The Expression of Interest Form>  Expression Of Interest – 280416

Eligibility and Guidelines> Eligibility & Guidelines 280416

Completing the Expression of Interest> Completing EOI 280416

Questions? Drop-in Surgery 5 May (closed)

A drop-in surgery was held on Thursday 5 May in The Catalyst to answer any questions potential applicants about making a submission.


Thank you for your interest


2015 Skills Capital Fund (closed)

The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership secured Local Growth Funding in 2015 to support infrastructure projects for economic growth in its area. Two of these initiatives were Skills Capital projects and status is shown below:

  1. Selby College – Strategic Growth/Specialist Equipment (operational)
  2. Craven College – Aireville Campus Development (progressing)


2014 Skills Capital Fund (Closed)

The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership secured Local Growth Funding in 2014 to support infrastructure projects for economic growth in its area. Three of these initiatives were Skills Capital projects and status is shown below:

  1. Askam Bryan College Ari Motor Engineering Centre (funding completed)
  2. Askam Bryan College Agri Tech (funding completed)
  3. Harrogate College new build and refurbishment (funding completed)


Stakeholder Consultation

A consultation event took place on 13 April 2016 to gain input from stakeholders about managing the fund for the May 2016 call and beyond. The Local Enterprise Partnership wishes to thank participants for their valued contribution.

To complement the input gained from the consultation event an ‘On-line Survey’ was made available (now closed).