We will enhance growth opportunities in targeted locations and help our area remain distinctive

With the largest geographical area of all 39 LEPs across England, two national parks, thriving historic towns and cities and a beautiful coastline we are well placed, with successful and distinct locations across our region. We have committed to doubling house building and creating 20,000 new jobs by 2021.

To do that we are unlocking growth and development prospects across the area in line with our other priorities. As well as these established locations we have great assets and opportunities for future growth across our region. We know that businesses locate where they can access markets and supply chains, and attract skilled people due to the great quality of life offered. 

For successful growth in our region, long-term planning is essential. Developing investment plans for growth towns and rural areas is a key priority for the LEP and its partners. In this case, having the whole picture is far more valuable than the individual parts, so spatial planning and looking at housing and employment with the local authorities is one of our key roles to be able to plan and shape the future of our area.

We are in a unique position to realise Investment Plan ambitions, having access to a variety of funding from Government and other sources, including the Local Growth Fund and Growing Places Fund. We anticipate future rounds of funding becoming available and are actively establishing a pipeline of investment through our work with partners.

You can read more about our progress, challenges and goals by clicking the documents below

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  Annual Report      Strategic Economic Plan Refresh    Local Growth deal

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