About Us


Our region offers a snapshot of the nation.

Our urban growth centres connect and benefit from a Rural Powerhouse and Opportunity Coast. We have the highly skilled residents and the balance and diversity of geographic economies, to make our region a prime testing ground for climate solutions. Within our region are both the expertise and the opportunity to lead in addressing global challenges of food security and climate change. Ours is an economy that is fit and ready to lead national economic transition to a carbon neutral, global power.

York and North Yorkshire is a vibrant, diverse and resilient economy, with a driving ambition for transformation. Our world renowned historic and cultural assets shape our urban spaces, whilst the scenic beauty of our vast rural landscape and northern coastline define our place as one of world’s most recognised regions. Strengthening all of these assets is the passion and pride of our people, making York and North Yorkshire a truly distinctive place.

We match our global identity with unrivalled connectivity to three, urban giants within the Northern Powerhouse. Strong connections with Leeds City Region, the Humber and Tees Valley, fast rail links to London and two ports, mean our position, scale and connectivity unlocks potential for the whole of the North. As a region proudly powered by SMEs, we are uniquely positioned to put our local communities at the centre of our ambitions for growth, combining their strengths to bring forward collective potential for national and global impact.

The Staff

The LEP Team

Our LEP team are fantastic professionals, working to make a difference through our core values of collaboration, integrity, person-centred, and passion and pride.

The Senior Team