Attracting investment and developing new markets


To put our area on the map as a global leader in the bioeconomy and circular economy we need to attract new investment and develop surrounding markets.

We seek investment that supports small business growth, establishes high value jobs and relocates innovative businesses to our patch.

We aim to develop clear paths to export markets and aim to capitalize on opportunities for biobased materials in new markets such as the construction industry.

  • Funding & support – what and where? We can provide a comprehensive overview of the different types of funding and support your business is eligible for. Breaking down the complicated landscape of business funding schemes, and putting your directly in touch with the right people.
  • Collaboration opportunities – we can help to identify potential collaboration opportunities with universities, R & D organisations and businesses, and connect you with the right people in those organisations. Whether than be explaining the research strengths of nearby universities, or putting you in touch with a business that has a waste stream that would make the ideal feedstock for your operations, we can help.
  • Practical info – we can provide information on office space, transport and logistics, and workforce skills to help you make the best decision on where exactly to locate in our patch.

For further details on how we can help, please get in touch.




The Bioeconomy Growth Fund

Our Bioeconomy Growth Fund was launched in September 2016 to help businesses in this high growth, important sector for our area to innovate and grow. We received bids for over £44m in project value and £13m of grant requests, with the potential to create 635 jobs. Following this a second round of funding was opened in December..

The fund provides financial support towards building innovative infrastructure that our area needs to become a global leader.

The bioeconomy is a sector which provides low carbon, renewable alternatives to our current fossil fuel based economy. It includes businesses in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, food and drinks, water utilities, industrial biotechnology and bio-energy.

The fund was open to the applications by the public and private sectors for industry-led projects with evidence of demand. Applicants also had to show the ability to deliver infrastructure which enhance local bioeconomy capacity, supply chains or clusters and other benefits, such as jobs in our area.