Case Studies

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Below are some case studies form businesses who feel the A64 impacts their businesses ability to perform and grow.

Rosti Automotive

A supplier of precision injected moulded products with global sites including York and Pickering

”To maintain current and attract new business, a robust reliable transport connection is vital. Currently all customer collections are coming from the A1M to the A64 to Stamford, impact of delays can be very severe with customer production impacted as automotive deliveries are very much on a just in time basis. Likewise, suppliers and Rosti ‘s own transport use the A64 to get to Stamford and delays can have an impact on our production. There is a lot of traffic from Stamford to the Rosti plant at Pickering, and these can be delayed by the single lane route if there is congestion or delays.”

Quantech Solutions

A Malton business providing business solutions in agri-food and bioscience supply chains

”The main impact is from Friday and through the weekend and holidays when slow vehicles, the change from dual lane to single, and accidents rapidly multiplies congestion into a stop situation. As people avoid the congestion they take alternative and sometimes inappropriate routes (e.g. Buttercrambe bridge).

The impact is delays to travelling, factoring in the potential disruption and avoiding Friday travel.

The other important issue that needs to be included in any future A64 dualling plan is to make the road and crossing the road possible by the local communities and other road users such as pedestrians, children, elderly and the infirm and cyclists etc. Additionally there are many tourists who are attracted to Ryedale for its walks and cycle routes, and for whom crossing the A64 is a challenge. It detracts from the hard-won and incredible Yorkshire cycle brand’.”

Ink Gardener

A York copywriting and social media service

”Although I am based in York, I have many clients in Ryedale and Scarborough. The unpredictability of A64 journey times, especially in summer, is very limiting to my business.

“To guarantee I will be able to attend on time I have to leave extra time for my 50 minute journey. In August I allocated two hours and was still 20 minutes late. I now try to stay with friends and family in the area the night before to ensure I can arrive on time.

“It is ridiculous that such a major traffic artery as the A64 is not dual-carriage way throughout. The bottlenecks at Whitwell Hill, the Hopgrove roundabout and Malton are both inconvenient and dangerous.

“The rail provision in the area is not up to standard either. There is just one train an hour, usually with just two carriages, for Malton and Scarborough. To see clients in Snainton and Wykeham would involve trying to link with the erratic bus services, so a car is the only option.

” Alternative routes to the East Coast via Stamford Bridge and the ‘back road’ to Malton or via Castle Howard are narrow and, during the summer, prone to tractors, harvesting machinery and holiday traffic. As a local, I am familiar with the alternatives. However I imagine people from out of the area may just give up.

“The A64 problem is also putting off business people from the East Coast attending networking conferences and business events. When I was based in Snainton, an organiser of the Leeds Made In Yorkshire Conference remarked on how few people had signed up from the Scarborough area. I have been greeted with genuine surprise at networking in Scarborough that I have travelled from ‘as far as York’. It is only 40 miles, but the distance in people’s minds is far wider.

“The stresses involved in meeting clients in Ryedale and Scarborough is making me re-consider whether I can continue to work with them. This would be a loss for both myself and my clients. I work at a Business Club in York and so hear about many of the city’s exciting innovations and opportunities which I share with my clients.”