This November, we’re hosting the first ever, #CircularYorkshire campaign and we’d love for you to join us!


We, and a consortium of organisations and businesses, are leading the change to a circular economy, aiming to become the UK’s first circular region, Circular Yorkshire. We believe that a Circular Economy is the route we need to take to reach the UKs carbon neutral targets. By moving from a linear economy (take, make, dispose) to a circular economy (where all waste and resources have value) we can not only address the challenge of climate change, we can create value in the economy.

The campaign will aim to:

  • Help people understand what a circular economy is and how building a #CircularYorkshire together can positively impact business growth AND the environment.
  • Encourage people to #TalkCircular, start conversations face to face and online to share resources, ideas and experiences on the small yet impactful changes that businesses and other organisations can make.
  • Build a #CircularFuture by making a pledge to take a first step and make small, practical change that will have an impact on your business or organisation.


To find out more about how you can join the campaign and receive your free campaign resource pack, sign up to our partner list and TICK THE BOX FOR CIRCULAR ECONOMY!