Circular Yorkshire

Our aim is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy across York and North Yorkshire through bringing stakeholders together and creating the conditions for a circular economy to flourish. Through this transition, we can not only address the challenge of climate change but can also strengthen the local economy, support communities to thrive and improve people’s lives.

Encompassing the historic city of York, voted UK’s best place to live; a thriving rural economy with two national parks; distinctive market towns; and a stunning coastline, York and North Yorkshire provides a unique testbed to trial truly circular solutions across urban and rural areas, with a diverse population, geography and economy.

With regional strengths in the bio-economy, agri-food and manufacturing, our region is well-positioned to develop local, circular supply chains.

But what is a circular economy? It’s a way of working that promotes using only what we need, stopping waste and making the most of all our resources, including people, products, services, systems and our planet.

And how can it benefit Yorkshire? It will create a thriving & resilient economy that benefits business and the environment for all people now and in the future.

Collaboration is key to our success. Businesses small and large, local authorities, towns and our communities must act together.  

In November 2019, we became the first LEP to start implementing a Circular Economy Strategy with the aim to stimulate the transition to a competitive and resilient circular economy across York and North Yorkshire. Our Circular Economy Strategy and Action Plan includes a series of phases, from understanding local circular economy opportunities to implementing demonstration projects and accelerating change. Action will be delivered across a number of systems – including sectors and places. We have prioritised sectors where moving towards a circular economy will contribute most to improving economic competitiveness and addressing climate change. Action will be targeted in agri-food, manufacturing, construction, transport, utilities, and the public sector.

If you would like to get involved in delivering our Circular Economy Strategy, please get in touch.

If you would like to kick-start your organisation’s circular economy journey, we can help and below, we have provided a number of learning resources, circular guides and toolkits, links to events and information on funding support that you can use to get started and progress with circular economy.

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