Circular Yorkshire

By creating a Circular Yorkshire, we aim to move our region from a linear economy (take, make, dispose) to a circular economy (where all waste and resources have value). Through this process we can not only address the challenge of climate change but we can also add value to the local economy, communities and people’s lives.

As the majority of existing circular initiatives are based in cities, the rural nature of our region provides an opportunity to become the UK’s first circular region. Strength in sectors such as food & drink and manufacturing coupled with our geography of two national parks, market towns and coastline, offer a vast number of advantages and unique opportunities in the transition to a circular economy.

We have a number of business focused resources to help businesses learn about and implement the circular economy. Resources include; case studies of local circular businesses, circular guides and information on funding opportunities. Becoming more circular can be beneficial to our all businesses and all of our resources are based on our circular economy ‘6 benefits to business’:

A transition to a circular Yorkshire cannot happen without collaboration. Businesses, individuals and policymakers must act together. We coordinate a number of events each year where we connect likeminded people from a wide range of backgrounds. Please sign up for our newsletter for monthly news and updates about the transition to a Circular Yorkshire.