We are working with partners to develop a series of high impact demonstrator projects.


Circular Malton is aiming to create the UK’s first circular economy market town, making it personal, beneficial and easier for every person to act. Circular Malton originated from one of our Circular Economy events, more details can be found here.

York Central is an £650m development scheme that aims to deliver clean economic growth, jobs and sustainable housing for the city. We are closely working with the York central partnership to apply circular principles to the design of the regeneration. More details can be found here.

Yorspace are building a tangible solution to York’s housing shortage – by creating financially and environmentally sustainable and circular homes, designed to deliver a real sense of community.

More details can be found here.

Industrial symbiosis is the process by which wastes or by‐products of an industrial process become the raw materials for another. This can not only provide significant carbon and resource savings but can also lead efficiency and cost savings for businesses. We are currently working with York Community Consulting to identify symbiosis opportunities on the Dalton and Leeming Bar industrial sites.