Flooding & Resilience

Our economy requires reliable and resilient road networks to grow, this includes being prepared for weather events such as flooding.

We are enhancing the resilience of our transport networks to such occurrences, focusing on know high risk areas such as the A59 Kex Gill realignment. We are also exploring opportunities to enhance the resilience of the East Coast mainline


To protect against flooding, we had two major investments in 2015/16 – Newlands Bridge, now completed and we have also started to invest in road improvements around North Yorkshire. These have been aimed at key roads into our towns that act as a driver for the wider local economies.

We have worked in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council, who have provided a loan of £2.5m to allow us to accelerate investments in flood defences to protects businesses and safeguard jobs. These investments will be delivered in 2016/17.Tadcaster Bridge re-opens - York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership

We have also made a number of Local Growth Fund investments in highways improvements which will continue in 2016/17, with further investment to come.

Tadcaster Bridge

Tadcaster’s community celebrated the opening of the town’s bridge in 2017 after a year-long reconstruction following its collapse from flood water during heavy rains just before the New Year in 2016.

The 18th century grade two listed bridge has been reconstructed and widened with £3m from the Government and £1.4m from ourselves. Read More