Cities and towns play a key role in driving growth across our predominantly rural geography, acting as a focal point for investment and a natural location for people to converge and access local services.

The LEP has a Future Towns work stream which aims to inform LEP and local authority strategy and initiatives, ensuring that towns in our region are drivers of economic growth and are relevant, desirable and successful.

21st Century Towns report

The purpose of this report is to provide an ambitious but realistic package of recommendations for towns in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. It looks at opportunities and challenges facing towns over the long term (up to 2040) and considers how these towns can respond to major trends to achieve the economic transformation envisaged by our emerging Local Industrial Strategy.

The focus of this report is how to raise productivity in these towns. In order to do this, it is our view that towns must not only address issues around technology, businesses and labour markets, but also look at placemaking, community and social cohesion, education, and health.

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