A Plan to Reshape our Economy: Pledge #5

23 October 2020


The upheaval has been felt by students just as much as employees, with the traditional supply of, and demand for, education being completely disrupted. It’s anticipated that increases in unemployment will increase the need for further education and upskilling, putting pressure on training providers. 

Our Pledge:

Training provision can meet the capacity and demand for a Greener, Fairer and Stronger recovery

Our Actions:

  • Adapt local skills and training provision to support recovery



Rapidly reconfiguring skills delivery.


Pledge stories:

Work to deliver this pledge has already begun. In their response to the pandemic, investment decisions and plans for the future, places, businesses, and organisations across the region are already reshaping towards a greener, fairer, stronger future. Check out the case studies below and on our website.

Creation of City Skills and Employment Board in York to support workers

Free training extended for businesses in the region to boost skills

Skills Support for the Workforce adapt delivery to meet business needs through COVID 19.

NYBEP adapt to changing requirements of schools to continue careers education during lockdown.

More than £240,000 secured for green tech training


A Plan to Reshape our Economy

Following on from our vision launch for a greener, fairer, stronger economic recovery for YNY, the LEP has worked with all LAs and partner organisations region-wide to develop a plan to reshape the region’s economy in order to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the pandemic.

Read the full Plan to Reshape our Economy here.

Impact of the plan on reshaping the economy will be measured by successful delivery against the 10 pledges. Read the pledge stories on our news page here.


Join us on Friday 6 November for our annual conference.

Held online for the first time, the conference will focus on a Greener, Fairer, Stronger vision for reshaping the York & North Yorkshire economy and how we can work together to achieve this. 

Register here: https://ynylepannualconference2020.register-me.uk/

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