Annual Conference 2018: LEP sends strong messages to the region

06 July 2018

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the York, North Yorkshire, East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership annual conference today. We hope you found the morning both enjoyable and inspiring. We look forward to working together with you and many others across the region to grow an ambitious and exciting future for Yorkshire, our #ruralpowerhouse.


Key themes coming through today, from our speakers, panellists and delegates:

  • It is vitally important to connect business with education, in order to inspire the next generation and open minds to Apprenticeship as a rewarding career pathway.
  • Entrepreneurs take risks, and when risk taking is backed by innovation, it pays off and inspires others.
  • Resilience is key. You never know what life will throw at you. For small businesses resilience and flexibility to respond to challenge is vital. Our region is packed full of resilient small businesses and we need to support them.
  • Powerful things happen and places are transformed when business and the public sector work together.
  • Robots are coming, whether we like it or not. In fact, in a lot of ways they’re already here. Do we want to welcome them? The future is bright with tech opportunities, do we want to lead or follow?
  • #A64justdualit!!!

And finally,

We just know that something good is gonna happen!


Our speakers today were:

David. A. Kerfoot MBE DL – LEP Chair

Justin Jones – Genilogic

Hannah Magowan and Natasha Pitts – Dale Power Solutions

Catherine Windross – Ryedale Plasterers

Roy Fishwick – Cleveland Steel

Jon Timmis – University of York

Our panellists were: David. A. Kerfoot, Jon Timmis, Ruth Smith (LEP Skills Board Chair), Carolyan Franks (Federation of Small Businesses), Dorothy Fairburn (Country Land and Business Association)



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