Bringing our devolution bid to life

On Friday 4 September a devolution bid was sent to government covering York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding. It was sent on behalf of the City of York Council, ourselves at the LEP, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, North Yorkshire County Council and North Yorkshire’s District and Borough councils.

It looks like this is one of four bids that have been sent to government from across Yorkshire and these bids overlap, so the next steps are two-pronged. Those councils who are part of more than one bid must declare which is their preferred bid and at the same time, government will assess each of the bids and look at the next steps for those likely to go forward.

We feel quietly confident that the bid from York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding will be pursued, leading to more decision-making powers at a local level, and this affects far more of us that you might think. Because it’s so much more than just electing a mayor.

The bid looks at four main areas:

  • Delivering high value economic growth, with better paid jobs and improved business performance, by redressing the imbalance between the north and south in  terms of growth and productivity, with the aim of creating 80,000 new jobs in the next 20 years.
  • Making the most of our diverse economic geography, including York, the city with the highest level of skills in the north, which will be a key driver of our efforts to rebalance economic growth. Our geography features some of the best know rural and coastal areas which are vital to the region’s future prospects. The bid also aligns with Government ‘s recent ten point plan for rural productivity.
  • How the area’s housing needs can be addressed, by making strategic investments and delivering at least 108,000 new homes over the next 20 years, while protecting our natural beauty and the character and variety of our towns, villages and coastline.
  • Investing in connecting businesses and residents together within and outside of our region.

At the LEP we have been closely involved in the bid, with Barry Dodd, CBE, our Chair writing his support in the document and reminding us of the assets we have in our region and the huge potential we have for growth.

We’ll keep you updated with the progress on our bid, which you can read here and our next steps.


James Farrar

Chief Operating Officer for the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership.