Business Advice Pops up at Whitby Business Cafe

28 March 2017

YOU’VE got to be Brave and Just Do It, and Where is Better than Whitby!?

Free business advice is coming to Whitby on the 28th of March in the form of the How’s Business Popup Business Café.

emma picWhen Emma Foster started her marketing business in Whitby five years ago it seemed like a huge risk – but since then she hasn’t looked back.

‘’You’ve got to be brave and just do it. There were a lot of what-ifs and risks, but I started my business five years ago and it was the best decision ever.’’

The journey of creating a successful business isn’t always an easy one, but the first step is getting started and not being afraid to seek help along the way.

Emma is the owner of Whitby based Elf Marketing and will be one of the many business experts offering free, impartial advice at the Raithwaite Estate, Whitby. She has a range of experience in marketing for pubs, restaurants, hotels – encompassing seasonal promotions and marketing for beginners.

If this sounds like the help that you would be interested in then the Popup Business Café on 28th of March in Whitby could be perfect for you.

The trials and tribulations of growing a business are no surprise to Emma, who gave up her job in Macclesfield six years ago to start-up back at home. As it turned out, Whitby suited her just fine.

‘’Whitby is a lovely place. There’s a great community of entrepreneurs and businesses in the area. Many of my friends wondered why I chose to base here when a lot of my clients are further afield, but the area has great train links so nothing’s really that far away.’’

For Emma, her biggest challenge was the first step:

 ‘’Just get going – don’t be afraid, we’ve all been there before, even the ones giving advice have all made mistakes at some point.’’

‘’Another challenge is all the essential tasks that you need to run a business that may be separate to the  reason that you started out for in the first place – things like accounting, hiring staff, marketing, IT etc. can all be very new. It’s great to have the support of people who can help in those areas. I’m always learning!’’

With two kids and a business to run, time is a premium for Emma as it is for most business owners.

‘’When I started out there wasn’t a great deal of marketing advice and business support in the area, it’s nice to give something back’’

Katherine Marshall a previous Popup visitor, who runs sewing workshops, noted the benefits of being able to ‘’come in and get advice quickly from a reliable source’’

While Kim Standford of doTERRA an essential oil franchise said ‘’it was on my doorstop, I thought why not come along!’’

And, if you’re still undecided, so was Megan Mccready of Next Door Group who was ‘really glad I came along.’’ For what Rick Currie of Anthropod Glamping described as an ‘’enlightening and positive experience.’’

The event is organised by How’s Business, the growth hub for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. It is free to attend and will be held from 9am-1pm, Local experts will be available to discuss topics such as websites, marketing, finance, tax and accountancy.

To book a place, click here or visit the website.