Business Engagement Forum seeks new, diverse and exciting voices

12 July 2019

‘Business Inspired Growth’ is more than just our tag line. As a public/ private sector partnership, our role as a strategic body is to make the connections that enable growth.

Our Local Industrial Strategy will direct growth and strategy over the next 30 years. We need to ensure that this strategy inspires both the public and private sectors to meet the challenges we face and reach the full potential our region holds for growth that is good – good for business, good for places, good for people and good for the planet.

To truly enable businesses to lead and inspire good growth, we need to engage in two-way conversations with businesses across the region. We want to enliven and make relevant a new Business Engagement Forum. We’re seeking new faces, new voices and authentic leadership. People who can inspire and help us rise to the challenges we face, by supporting information sharing and networking within the business community.

Our first and most crucial task as a group, is to invigorate engagement with businesses around our Local Industrial Strategy, a key document that will shape investment and strategy in the region for the next 30 years. We’ll also look at how we can work together on campaigns to activate the business community around issues such as climate change and diversity – helping businesses to understand, from a practical perspective, how to implement change that will drive productivity and profits!

To ensure we have a broad spread, we’re looking for a blend of sectoral and place-based representation. So wherever you are across the patch – from York, rural or coastal towns – your voice adds value! We’re especially interested to hear from people representing the following sectors:

Construction/Bio-economy/ Manufacturing/ Food manufacturing/ Tourism/ Creative / Tech / Entrepreneurship/ Social Enterprise/ 3rd Sector/ Professional services.

The forum will meet for an afternoon, once a quarter, with venues moving around the region. The forum will action focussed,. We want to hear your views, share information and consult with you on how we can best engage with businesses. You can read more about the forum here.

Apply by email by close on Friday 2nd August: [email protected] Send your up-to-date CV with a written statement of no more than 800 words supporting your experience as a networker and representative for your place or profession.

Interviews for applicants will be held on Wednesday 14th August, 1-4pm in Northallerton, and on Thursday 15th August 1-4pm in York. Successful applicants will asked to join their first forum on 12th September. We know it’s holiday season, so please do get in touch, we can flexible with interview dates if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Aissa Gallie, Head of Communications and Engagement on 07580 448366 or Annabel Jelley, Head of Business and Skills on 07580 794718 for an informal chat.

2 Responses to “Business Engagement Forum seeks new, diverse and exciting voices”

  1. It is a fundamental misconception at best to suggest that tackling climate change can happen alongside a push for continuous growth. The two outcomes are utterly inconsistent with each other. As business leaders we must make a choice. Either we admit what appears to be the collective truth of the matter (that we honestly don’t care, and enjoy playing our competitive games so much that we will continue to push for mindless growth at any cost, and will watch the world burn), or else we must be prepared to genuinely and authentically plan for significant industrial and mercantile downsizing.
    I run a social enterprise providing professional services to the third sector, so tick many of your boxes for the voices you *say* you want to hear; I doubt in reality that you want to hear the truth.

  2. Thank you for your comment Melody, apologies for the slow response. We welcome you to apply for the Business Engagement Forum as we’d like to hear more of what you have to say.

    With regards to decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions, you can read about our Local Energy Strategy here.

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