Business resilience proven yet again

25 November 2015

45.5% of businesses in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding which started in 2009 were still active in 2014 figures released today from the ONS reveal.

While this may not seem a lot, businesses which set up in our area have a much higher chance of survival compared to national averages, with the UK’s survival rate at 41.7%.

Business resilience is particularly prominent in York and Selby where survival rates aresurvival rates 16% and 24% higher than nationally respectively. Out of 381 local authorities in Great Britain Selby is in the top 3 for the resilience of businesses set up in 2009.

The strength of our economy, the distinctiveness of our towns and cities and the beauty of our natural environment are what make York, North Yorkshire and East Riding an ideal place to start up a business. Those that have started businesses also have access to a wide range of business support which, when accessed, is proven to maximise chances of business survival.

If you run a local business, why not take a look at our one stop shop for business support How’s Business? The website is full of advice, events and support and is a great tool for new business owners.