Businesses to choose how funding is spent

When it comes to knowing what businesses want, business owners know best. That’s the thinking behind a new programme that’s going to fund one hundred different ideas, all aimed at benefiting the local business community.

The Network Ideas Fund, set up by the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is providing up to £500 to bring to life the ideas of one hundred networks and groups of businesses across the patch.

‘The concept is simple,’ said David Kerfoot, Chairman of the Kerfoot Group and Deputy Chair of the LEP, ‘we already have a large number of business groups across the area that do a great job of supporting the local business community. These groups have expert knowledge and relationships with business owners and so rather than tell them how we’re going to help them, we’d like to work with them and let them decide the best use for £500.’

The fund is one of the innovative approaches that sits within the LEP’s new hub for helping business owners: How’s Business. It was first suggested when talking with local business owners about how to create a service that was genuinely useful to them.

There’s no limit on how big, or small, a group has to be, although they do have to be already up and running, based in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding and not be a sub-group of a larger organisation.

Anyone who does represent one of those groups and wants to find out more about the fund should get in touch with Liz Barker on 01609 532066 or [email protected]