Celebrating Skills Investment in our Distinctive Places

17 July 2019


The York,  North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership (YNYER) is celebrating the York, North Yorkshire careers hub performance results for the first quarter of 2019 measured against the ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’ which define good careers guidance nationally.  The Hub has enabled extensive support to 35 schools across the York & North Yorkshire region, performing above the national average across the country with the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) project.



The York North Yorkshire Careers Hub have excelled across the identified benchmark criteria including addressing the needs of the pupils, encounters with employers and employees and a stable careers programme.  Due to the vast and dispersed regional area the hub covers, including the vibrant city of York, coastal and rural areas and market towns, school and business collaboration at the beginning of the project, was sparse, leaving the ‘Experience of workplaces’ benchmark as an area marked for improvement.  But the team have worked tirelessly to engage and build relationships, supporting regional schools as careers advice and guidance becomes more embedded in the national curriculum.  The Careers Hub have recognised the challenge to bring the opportunities for students to experience workplaces first hand, and are focused on creating innovative solutions, organising specific workshops to discuss ways of improving the impact, as many schools in the area are following a national trend struggling in offering work experience  due to funding and capacity constraints.  

Ruth Smith, Chair of the Skills and Employability Board for YNYER commented, ‘the York, North Yorkshire Careers Hub is committed to connecting schools and their students with businesses, a key component to long term, good growth.  Our region has a diverse and exciting base of SME businesses, and it’s vital that young people, can identify and seize the opportunities that are available to them in the region, for the benefit of all. The Careers Hub team have embraced a partnership approach in order to overcome the challenge of delivering an excellent standard of service across a vast geographical area.   The results we are seeing reflect the vast improvement in schools sharing best practice and building important local business relationships.’

An affirmation of the of the importance of the service was delivered by students from Millthorpe School in York, who took to the stage to represent the York and North Yorkshire Careers Hub at the YNYER LEP Annual Conference in June where the students quizzed a panel of SMEs about future career opportunities and brought focus onto a project that aims to enable young people to become more invested in their future.

The remainder of the year will see the implementation of more innovative activities planned to positively impact careers guidance for young people in our region. In October the Hub will celebrate its first year, evaluating the improvements they have made, the challenges they have faced and the way forward to continuing success for our schools and future workforce. 

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