Circular Malton showcases business benefits of sustainability

25 March 2021

At the end of February, Circular Malton hosted an event in partnership with the York & North Yorkshire LEP to help businesses identify profit opportunities whilst also reducing their carbon footprint.

Organised by Sue Jefferson, co-founder of Circular Malton, this event showcased the practical benefits of becoming more sustainable in business, and how businesses can get started with their circular economy journey.

With a diverse range of speakers, including case studies from local businesses and professional advice from support organisations, this webinar is the perfect starting point for any business looking to save money and grow their business without impacting the environment.

For those who couldn’t attend or if you would like to watch this again, please find a link to the film here:

If you require further information about this work, please email Sue Jefferson on [email protected] or Erin Wheeler, Circular Economy Officer at the York & North Yorkshire LEP on [email protected]

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