Circular Yorkshire webinar showcases how waste can be valuable

09 September 2020

As part of this year’s Circular Yorkshire campaign, Biovale hosted a webinar last week that focused on how businesses can create value out of food waste.

Supported by the York & North Yorkshire LEP and partners from Bio-bean, the Biorenewables Development Centre, the REbiz programme and Swift Comply, the webinar was attended by over 50 organisations from across the country keen to learn about how to adopt circular waste management practices to create profit for their business whilst also benefitting the planet.

We’ll be hosting more webinars in November where businesses who are already successfully adopting circular practices will share their experiences and learnings to date. We’ll also be sharing case studies, blogs and information on funding support, so more businesses can benefit from the circular economy too.

To keep up to date with plans for Circular Yorkshire Month in November please sign up here or visit  You can also follow us on twitter @CircularYorks.

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