Collaborating for a better future

As part of our collaboration to develop our Local Industrial Strategy, we are establishing three Task and Finish Groups: People, Place and Productivity. These will be jointly led by a LEP Board Member and a senior colleague from a partner organisation.

Each group will be responsible for discussing and proposing Local Challenge that we should address. Some of these will be our contribution to the national Grand Challenges, others will be more driven by local opportunities. These will then be discussed amongst all the Groups, to ensure we are making linkages, and then collectively prioritised under the oversight by a new LEP Board sub-board, responsible for the overall development of the strategy.

We will shortly be inviting people to join Task & Finish groups based on expertise and who has read think pieces related to each topic. There will be further opportunities for comment and involvement throughout the process. We know everyone is busy, so will make it as easy as possible to get involved as and when you want, both online and offline.

One response to “Collaborating for a better future”

  1. Jane Coope says:

    Excellent to see emphasis being given to the interconnectedness of initiatives – an aspect often overlooked. Looking forward to contributing to the People aspects – happy to help!

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