Collaborating to Strengthen Our Area’s Future Investment #YNYERFutures

19 November 2017

ASKING better questions to get better answers is driving our thinking behind the scenes as we update our economic strategy.

Vital for us to build our understanding of the area’s economic strengths and opportunities, the strategy will be used to strengthen the future proposals we make to central government for investment opportunities like the Industrial Strategy.

To encourage people to collaborate, we are hosting an online conversation #YNYERFutures asking people to respond to our economic data, and think pieces by leading partners to inspire the debate. There is also a survey for people to express their views on important questions to help inform the final strategy piece.

LEP Chair Barry Dodd CBE said:

“In response to the complex business environment in which our businesses are operating, we need to update our shared understanding of the area’s economic strengths, so that we can continue to build watertight cases to central government, for our area’s future investment opportunities.  

“We want to help our partners get ahead of the game to secure the best possible future for our residents and businesses. Given the changes anticipated under the Industrial Strategy, we are encouraging everyone to get involved and take part in the debate.”

The conversation will be structured around a series of questions to enhance the LEPs understanding of several broad challenges including productivity, resilience and demography and it will take place over the next six weeks.

Mr Dodd added: “Once we have a detailed understanding of the challenges, they will be narrowed down to some more specific problems and opportunities.”

He said he was delighted that the very first of the think pieces in the #YNYERFutures series, is a blog on robotics from the University of York’s Professor Jon Timmis, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange.

“The piece gives us an insight into how advanced robotics and artificial intelligence may affect our lives – day to day and what economic opportunities might arise. This is something all of the businesses in our area must start thinking about so that we can take advantage of the opportunities, ” Mr Dodd said.

To have a read, visit Professor Timmis’s blog  on the LEPs website and take part in the conversation #YNYERFutures online and below.

You can also see our evidence and contribute to our survey.

We’ll be delighted to hear from you.