Do you believe in a better Yorkshire? Help build one.

12 February 2020

It’s been a busy start to the year. Leaving the EU is of historic importance to our country and the region. We face new challenges but in a confident and organised manner I know we will continue to be a force for the good for our patch.

Having spent over a year working with our colleagues in Leeds City Region to ascertain the most impactful geographic footprint for investment in North and West Yorkshire, in January we decided to align our LEP boundaries with proposed devolution boundaries, removing any overlap we previously shared from April 2020. We will continue to deliver together for the benefit of the whole geography, through strong and successful collaboration.

Also in January, our Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) has been out for consultation. Early analysis of the consultation delivers a key message to strike a greater level of ambition and deliver transformation. The Prime Minister has made bold promises about levelling up the North-South divide, now is the time for local ambition to take advantage.

I truly believe in the people of our region. They are as much a part of our global identity as our beautifully distinctive places. Their passion and pride drive our economy of SMEs, bringing resilience and fortitude in times of challenge. The fact that 41% of Innovate UK funding has been invested in agri-tech on our patch is a testament to purpose driven solutions seeking. The beating heart of our transformation will be our people.

We have a role to enable the people in our region to fulfil their true potential. We have too many people under-employed and it’s holding our economy back. The challenge for SMEs is often that they don’t have the internal structures to make sweeping policy changes for a truly inclusive workforce. However, we know that financially, diverse and inclusive workforces out perform those that aren’t. By breaking down barriers and empowering employers, every SME can develop high performing work cultures that transform productivity.

The reality is that such ambitions are hard to reach. There is significant risk attached to making bold changes and in truth, embedding those changes takes tenacious conviction. Confidence is significant contributor to success. A confident business will stick their head above the precipice and advocate wider change. We need to give voice to those businesses.

Maximising our place in the NP11 to be a voice for our region in the call for levelling up the North, will bring confidence to our businesses. Alongside the major urban powers of the North, it is our distinctiveness that gives us our strength.

York and North Yorkshire is well recognised for strengths in food and agri-tech, yet it’s clean and green technologies that are our global growth sectors. We’re world leaders in circular-bio-economy innovation, carbon capture potential and renewable energy technologies. The same rolling green hills, North Yorkshire coast and abundance in culture capital that give our region its global brand, belie an economic powerhouse, with connectivity to national transport links and urban centres.

If urban economies are to meet UK targets for carbon neutrality, York and North Yorkshire must reach for a carbon negative economy. We have the capacity and the knowledge. To reach our full potential, significant investment in digital infrastructure is needed. Whilst major transport investment is a core focus for NP11, it is crucial that this lobbying voice also call for investment in digital infrastructure. We want our businesses and the communities they thrive in, to be able to take full advantage of a digital revolution, driving up up our national position and a cleaner, greener economy for all.

Our vision is to put our distinctive places at the heart of our economy and transform productivity with growth that is good for the people and the planet. To meet this vision, and play our part as a LEP, we need a diversity of voices, to challenge and bring fresh perspectives to our decision making. 

We’re seeking local business leaders to join our LEP Board and our Skills Board. Strong leadership is needed to motivate and enable change at scale. Good Growth can only be delivered by good businesses. We need to put our head above the precipice and as a LEP, challenge our own practices of inclusion and carbon reduction, sharing our experiences of the barriers faced and solutions we develop to overcome them.

We want your voice to lead our transformation. If you have a passion and pride for our region, value Good Growth and have experience in good business we want to hear from you. Do you believe in a better Yorkshire? Help build one.

David. A. Kerfoot MBE DL,

Chair of the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership

2 Responses to “Do you believe in a better Yorkshire? Help build one.”

  1. Brian Forbes

    Although it’s debatable whether it could be strictly defined as Agri-tech, the Sirius polyhalite mine was supported by the LEP while the business case was being prepared. Do the LEP support the take over bid by Anglo American as it looks like this is the only way it will now survive.

  2. Hello Brian, thank you for your comment. As an organisation that delivers government funding, we are not in a position to advise shareholders on the Anglo American deal. We are very supportive of the project and the positive impact it will have on Yorkshire Coast and UK economy. We believe it is important that potential investors maintain the commitments to the local community and development of skills in the local area so that local people and local communities continue to benefit through the life of the project.

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