Driving Diversity into STEM

11 February 2019

There is a nationwide campaign, WISE, to drive diversity into STEM and this is because diversity helps makes businesses successful.

Diversity provides a better choice of skilled workers, a better platform for innovation and creativity and better workforce productivity which are all things which help tackle industry challenges. Mixed teams bring wider experience, innovative ways of thinking and new approaches to problem solving. Improving gender diversity also results in better employee engagement and increased productivity.

In our LEP area, we are working to support women into STEM through apprenticeships, careers guidance in schools and various projects such as Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW).

SSW delivers a range of initiatives which support and inspire our regions female population to challenge the gender imbalance in the STEM workforce. Did you know that 51% of women working in STEM have experienced barriers to career progression and 35% have considered leaving the sector? Our projects work to create supportive networks for women in STEM and to train and develop them to champion their successes to young women in schools to help influence and develop a more balanced future workforce.

The below recourses have been developed as part of SSW, managed by Calderdale College, to promote the participation of women and girls in STEM learning and careers.


If you are a school looking to inspire and encourage the number of young women to choose STEM qualifications and enter STEM careers you can find helpful resources here:

‘People like Me’ resource pack

STEM works (see STEM recourses)


If you are an employer looking to attract, support and retain women in STEM roles you can find helpful resources here:

Setting up a Network to Support Women in STEM

Exhibitor’s Guide for Events

WISE 10 Steps Diagnostic for SME’s (see STEM recourses)




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