ESIF Impact Report

03 November 2020

We are delighted to share with Stakeholders and partners some recent research undertaken by Tokos Solutions looking at the impact of 14 European Structural & Investment Fund (ESIF) projects commissioned by the LEP and delivered between 2016 and the present day.

The total public investment of £35m in these projects has been significant and had a transformational impact on thousands of residents cross York and North Yorkshire – from those taking their first tentative steps into learning and engagement with providers to employees and managers seeking to develop their skills and support their progression in work.

The Report has provided the LEP’s skills team with invaluable intelligence to inform our thinking and planning for skills projects that will support deliver the ambitions of our Local Industrial Strategy, our Skills Strategy and  Greener, Fairer, Stronger – A Plan to Reshape Or Economy

Click this link to access the report.

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