Feel Real York encourages increased openness about emotional health

25 November 2020

A new campaign in York is asking people to talk more about how they are really feeling during the pandemic, and to share and use resources to support their emotional wellbeing.

Developed by multiple partners including the York & North Yorkshire LEP, the campaign recognises that many people are struggling emotionally, with a majority of York residents expressing they are more pessimistic about the future as a result of COVID-19.

To address this, people are being encouraged to talk honestly and openly about their emotional health and emotions. The campaign, called #FeelRealYork, aims to signpost to available support and resources from a range of experts including the Live Well York website,  Tees, Esk and Weir valley Foundation Trusts, York and Selby IAPT and Recovery College Online.

Whilst developed for York, the campaign is relevant to everyone in the region. Business owners are people who are especially struggling at this time, as they try and adapt to ever changing rules and regulations around the pandemic.

Andrew Raby, Head of the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub, said, “We recognise that it’s a tough time for many people at the moment, but especially so for the business owners who are doing their best to keep their businesses afloat and look after their staff and customers.

“We hope that business owners start to talk more about how they are genuinely feeling and access some of these really useful and practical well-being resources to benefit themselves and their staff.”

Read here for more information on the #FeelRealYork campaign.