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20 June 2019

We are delighted to announce that three students from Millthorpe School, our lead York school in the York, North Yorkshire Careers Hub, will be interviewing a panel of business owners and employers, from across our region, as part of our Annual Conference 2019.

Bringing the York, North Yorkshire Careers Hub onto our patch was one of our biggest wins in 2018/19, as it is one of only 20 hubs nationally. The hub complements our already broad provision for careers education across the whole LEP area and drives our commitment to connect every student to business. We have an ageing demographic in York, North Yorkshire, and a growing skills gaps. It’s vital that we hear from young people about what they want the future to look like in their local places. SMEs make up around 98% of our businesses in York and North Yorkshire and East Riding. It’s crucial they also have a voice and are empowered to build connections with the future workforce.

The sectors represented on the panel are:

Digital Creative: Owen Turner – United By Design

Rural and agricultural innovation: Sarfraz Mian– Neue Schule

Construction: Graham Ratcliffe – Scarborough Construction Skills Village

Public Sector: Helen Kemp – Hambleton District Council 

Tourism: Rebekah Jerram – Wensleydale Railway

The students have developed a range of questions for the panel to ask in the live session. We’re excited to hear from them, and from the businesses about the careers opportunities available and the skills they want young people to develop.

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