Grow Yorkshire is happening: concerning signals from Nidderdale

15 August 2018

The Grow Yorkshire concept caused some actual excitement at our Annual Conference back in July, which prompted more than one person ask when it would be launched and where they could find out more. With a formal launch not planned until Autumn 2018, we wanted to share the thinking behind the approach: Grow Yorkshire is already happening!

It is not intended to be a ‘new thing’ that re-creates support packages, or writes another strategy. Grow Yorkshire is the vehicle to express and amplify the good work already underway, by creating a single story to connect existing and new forms of help and support.

The Grow Yorkshire message is simple:

                              Change is coming, you need to have a plan.

You can grow your business if you want, we will show you how others have.

                              Help with making changes is available.

Recent research by the Nidderdale Area Of Natural Beauty team makes for some stark reading to illustrate the fact that change is coming, and the impact it will have on hill farming in particular.

This gives voice to the concerns about the impact of change, and how prepared our businesses. The more the Grow Yorkshire community can share this article, and discuss it in real life, the more widely the industry will accept the impact and look for opportunities to do things differently.

Together we are going to Grow Yorkshire!

To hear more about Grow Yorkshire and how it can help your business, or to register your organisation as a supporter, please provide your contact details here

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