A Healthy Workforce Is Essential for a Healthy Economy

01 January 2017

A healthy workforce is essential for a healthy economy which is something we strongly encourage here at the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Working with our colleagues in health at North Yorkshire County Council, we are helping to promote healthy work practices to our area’s local businesses through our How’s Business Growth Hub.

The subjects is something Dr Ruth Smith, the Chair of our Skills Board holds in particularly high regard.

Dr Smith said:

“A healthy workforce is vital to a healthy economy and we are working with our partners to improve the health and wellbeing of our area’s workforce.

“We know the challenges that some face in entering the workforce or in maintaining employment because of ill health or disability.

“Many people work part time or are self-employed and small businesses to not have the resources on their own to offer their employees all the benefits of a health promoting workplace.

“This report helps us grapple with these issues that are important for businesses and public health alike.”

North Yorkshire County Council’s Director of Public Health Annual Report, 2016, has a helpful month by month guide to some of the health issues facing our area’s businesses that you might find helpful to read.