Help Us Design Better Support for High Growth Businesses

11 August 2017

The Scale Up instituteOFF the back of the Industrial Strategy, there’s been a lot of talk about scaling up businesses.

Increasingly, Government is looking at giving LEPs and their growth hubs, additional resources to help businesses grow by between 25-50% in employee numbers, turnover or profit.

But to do that, we have to know what the needs of businesses are, and we need your help.

To better understand the needs of high growth businesses, we’ve put together the following survey in partnership with our Growth Hub, How’s Business, and the ScaleUp Institute.

If you have any business connections that you think this might be relevant to, please can you share it so that we can better understand their needs.

The deadline for the completion of the survey is 1st September 2017. It can also be done by phone and should only take 15 minutes to complete.