Highlighting the region’s opportunities to capitalise on the Government’s ‘Green Plan’

18 November 2020

David A Kerfoot MBE DL, Chair of the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, has responded to the latest announcement from the Government to fund a ‘green plan’. Announced on 17 November, the £4bn pot will kick-start a ‘green industrial revolution’.

Commenting on the announcement today (18), Mr Kerfoot said: “Fundamental to our region’s vision for a greener, fairer, stronger economy is the development of York and North Yorkshire’s unique capacity to become a carbon negative economy.

“The Government’s ‘green plan’ speaks loud and clear to the pledges of our plan to reshape the economy, pledges that aim to create new green jobs, opportunities for young people, the enhancement and management of our landscapes, development of city, towns and high streets, housing and greener travel.

“Our investment in this agenda is already in evidence through both our Local Growth Fund (LGF) and Getting Building Fund (GBF) allocations. Taking, for example, our investments in city centre green travel solutions in York. Several projects have been funded through our LGF and European funds allocations, such as our investments in York’s cycle ways network, the new Scarborough Bridge in York that has seen up to a 40% increase in pedestrian and cycle travel and boosting electric vehicle charging capacity within the city. Through GBF, two of the region’s colleges, York College and Scarborough TEC, are also to benefit from funding to provide electric vehicle training, building future capacity and sustainability.

“As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and address the economic impacts, our region can lead through existing activities and in our strategic and practical readiness to go beyond our region’s ‘fair share’ contribution to the Government’s net zero ambition. Our work to develop a roadmap towards carbon negative provides a clear route that is solidified with our position to engage in a partnership led, strategic and localised approach, as a delivery vehicle for the 10 points of the green plan.

“Beyond the scope of the Government’s current green plan, we can further cut emissions through supply chains as we build our region as a centre of excellence in circular economy, by realising the potential in our research and development resources in circular bio-economy and with the bioenergy carbon capture, utilisation and storage initiatives in development at Drax. Our region has the unique potential to grow our economy whilst generating negative emissions.

“Our mission is to take the full potential of this opportunity for a ‘green industrial revolution’ and to deliver on the transformational opportunities we see are available for how we live, learn, work and visit in our region. We’re very keen to work with Government to develop programmes in York and North Yorkshire that will form the proof points that extensive investment in this agenda is key to the recovery of our national economy and the sustainability of our global economic standing.”

Since 2014, the LEP has invested a total of £220.8m to support business, infrastructure, and skills across York and North Yorkshire including housing, transport, flood alleviation, social inclusion and workforce development. It’s ‘Plan to Reshape Our Economy’ was launched in October 2020.

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