How can the circular economy build economic resilience?

02 August 2020


Who is the session for?

The session is designed for local authority officers, elected members, organisations and community groups that want to play their role in building a greener, fairer and stronger economy.

Attendees will leave with a thorough understanding of the role of the circular economy in building resilience, the benefits of including CE in Recovery Plans and Economic Development Strategies, and practical steps on getting started.


Session Agenda

10.00 -10.10am – Welcome & Intro to Session – Katie Thomas, Senior Strategy Manager for Low Carbon & Environment at York & North Yorkshire LEP

10.10-10.25am – How can we build back better using the circular economy? – Patrick Mahon, Chief Strategic Advisor at WRAP

10.25-10.35am – Developing a Circular Economy Strategy for Wales and using the circular economy to ensure a Green Recovery – David Warren, Head of Circular Economy Policy Development for the Welsh Government

10.35-10.45am – “Feeling your way forward”: Listening and enabling people to build resilience now & post COVID-19 – David Stone, Strategic Development Officer at Coast & Vale Community Action (CaVCA)

10.45-10.55am – An overview of York & North Yorkshire’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan and how we’re using the circular economy to create a greener, fairer, stronger future – Kate McHugh, Research & Evaluation Officer at York & North Yorkshire LEP



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