Internationally acclaimed author and economist speaks at York & North Yorkshire LEP event on how doughnut economics can help build circular cities and regions

09 March 2021

The York & North Yorkshire LEP is excited to announce that internationally- acclaimed economist and author Kate Raworth will be guest speaker at an event on Tuesday 16th March looking at how doughnut economics can help cities and regions thrive in a circular economy.

This free virtual event will be co-hosted by Environment Smart and will be of keen interest to environmental policy makers in the UK and further afield as they look to create climate action plans that meet net-zero targets.

The inner ring of the economic doughnut sets out the minimum we all need to lead a good life and has been derived from the UN’s sustainable development goals. The outer ring of the doughnut represents the scientifically recognised ecological boundaries which we should not cross to avoid damaging the climate, soils, oceans, the ozone layer, freshwater and abundant biodiversity. Between the two rings is where everyone’s needs and that of the planet are to be met.

Steve Mason, Director of Environmental Smart says, “Kate Raworth reminds us that economic growth was not, at first, intended to signify wellbeing. The goal of any economy should be about meeting the needs of all people within the means of the living planet”.

He adds “‘The ‘doughnut’ does not bring us direct answers but is a way of identify the shortfalls in our society, such as low housing supply, low incomes, fuel poverty, equality alongside the significant impacts that we are having on the planet. It can help communities, businesses and policy makers create an economy that can thrive and work for everyone”.

Sue Jefferson, Deputy Chair of the LEP’s Business Board comments, “In York & North Yorkshire, we have an ambitious vision to be carbon neutral by 2034 and carbon negative by 2040. Key to achieving this is our region’s Reshaping Plan– to become a greener, fairer, stronger economy – and accelerating our region’s transformation to a circular economy. Doughnut economics can provide us with a lens to evaluate our progress towards these goals”.


For more information on this event or to register, go to:


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