Internationally acclaimed author joins York & North Yorkshire LEP to talk about how doughnut economics can help build thriving places

17 March 2021

Yesterday the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Steve Mason from hosted a webinar with internationally- acclaimed economist and author Kate Raworth looking at how doughnut economics can help cities and regions thrive in a circular economy.

Run by Councillor Christian Vassie, Chair of City of York Council’s Climate Change Committee and including James Farrar, CEO and Katie Privett, Energy Programme Lead from the LEP and Sue Jefferson, co-founder of Circular Malton & Norton, the event attracted over 220 attendees from all across the UK and as far away as Australia and Dubai.

Kate, who revealed that her family come from North Yorkshire, talked about how she developed doughnut economics and later set up DEAL (the Doughnut Economics Action Lab) to inspire and encourage collaboration and action. Kate highlighted what doughnut-inspired actions are happening across the globe in places like Amsterdam and Seattle, as well as Cornwall and Preston. She posed the question “how can York and North Yorkshire become a home to thriving people in a thriving place while respecting the well-being of all people and the health of the planet? ” which is question that is at the heart of doughnut economics. She then answered this by looking at regenerative and distributive economies as well as five key design traits that help to make places thrive.

James Farrar, CEO of the LEP commented after the event, “Kate was such an engaging speaker and it’s obvious from all the questions and feedback, that doughnut economics is a subject that people are passionate about and want to engage in.

“It was great that Kate supported all that we are doing in York & North Yorkshire with Circular Yorkshire and our Carbon Abatement Pathways work and she congratulated us on having the ambition to be carbon-negative by 2040. Recognising the importance of peer to peer inspiration in driving change, she added that as a region, we would inspire other places to act”.

For people who were unable to make this session, we encourage you to watch the recording which you can access here.

For more information on this event or to talk about the Carbon Negative Circular Economy work of the LEP, contact Katie Thomas via [email protected].

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