Introducing our Keynote Speaker, Bill Grimsey

12 June 2019

With our annual conference just two weeks away, we are busy making preparations for the big day. We are delighted to share that this event has now sold out, marking a huge increase in attendees from the previous year. This year’s conference will focus on Good Growth in Distinctive Places, something our Keynote Speaker Bill Grimsey has been an influential thinker on for a number of years.

Bill is a retailer with 45 years active experience. During his career he has held several senior Director positions including CEO of Wickes plc, CEO of the Big Food Group (Iceland and Booker) and CEO of Focus DIY Ltd. In pursuing his passion for the High Street, Bill has written the book, Sold Out ‘Who really killed the High Street’, lead the team to publish The Grimsey Review ‘An alternative future for the High Street’ in 2013 and regularly speaks publicly and to Local Authorities about the High Street in the 21st Century.


Whilst our region faces a range of challenges from the fast pace of change in the retail industry, it is our market towns which often need the most attention to keep their high streets thriving. At our annual conference Bill will be addressing the future role of market towns across our region and asking how we can stimulate good growth through a place based approach.

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