Maximise your business’s potential through a circular economy

03 November 2020

Circular economy is about creating a more social, resilient and sustainable economy. It is about moving away from an economy that relies on overconsumption and waste, and instead aims to make better use of materials, components and products.

If you want to create a more resilient business, become more environmentally responsible, save money and find new business opportunities, this is the workshop for you.

So how does it work? Companies can work with business partners and customers to deliver a circular economy with new opportunities along the whole supply chain, for example:

  • High quality products designed to last for longer, produced with recycled or biological materials where possible
  • Products made on demand and co-designed with consumers, avoiding overproduction and costly waste management
  • Renting out products instead of selling them, generating a steady income over the lifetime of the product
  • New repair, redesign and remanufacturing services to revive town centres
  • Strengthen your brand and customer relations with sustainable and circular solutions


More than half of the global business leaders – from multi-nationals to SMEs and start-ups –are actively looking into joining a circular economy. How can your company benefit and create new values?

Programme agenda


12:00 Welcome and opening 

Chris Duffill, Kirklees Council 

12:05 A circular economy for Kirklees 

Dr Anne Velenturf, University of Leeds

12:25 Circular economy business showcase 

Chaired by Jess Newbould, Kirklees Council

Camira Fabrics


Upcycle Fashion 

12:45 Break-out groups: Business opportunities and challenges for circular economy 

Co-facilitated by University of Leeds and Kirklees Council  

13:10 REBiz programme introduction 

Chidubem Nwabufo, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership  

13:20 Circular Yorkshire Month 

Dr Katie Thomas, York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership

13:25 Next steps and event close 

Dr Anne Velenturf, University of Leeds


Notes and Presentations

Upcycle Fashion – Kirklees Circular Economy talk_

Kirklees circular workshop_break-out group notes

Camira_Kirklees Circular Economy Oceanic Nov 2020

University of Leeds_Circular Kirklees workshop


Kirklees Council and University of Leeds workshop

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