North Yorkshire steel company drives the green agenda

29 July 2020

To celebrate Yorkshire Day, we are taking a look at some of our great Yorkshire businesses. Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd is a good example of how Yorkshire businesses are truly making our economy Greener, Fairer and Stronger.

Based at the Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, they have been in business since 1975 and have pioneered and championed the reuse of steel tube.

Specifically, they take steel tube deemed redundant from industries like Oil and Gas and repurpose it into other industries such as Construction. As a result of its activities, thousands of tonnes of carbon are saved every year by Cleveland Steel and their clients. These businesses are choosing to make use of resources already available, adopting a circular approach, rather than disposing of resources and falling into the trap of a linear “take make waste” economy.

Their ambition is to further the use of repurposed steel in construction. It is a statistically proven method to reduce embodied carbon in construction. This, in turn, helps other businesses on their journey towards net-zero carbon.

The government wants to Build Back Better and Cleveland Steel play an important role in this.  Since 2018, Cleveland Steel have worked in partnership with the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and their Circular Economy Programme. They are regularly called on to showcase their business case studies, demonstrating the economic benefits of practically applying a circular approach.

Cleveland Steel also works closely with steel construction bodies, such as the Steel Construction Institute. Earlier this year, they worked together to publish the first set of technical guidance on the reuse of steel in construction.

As well as positively impacting on the carbon footprint of the construction industry, the business delivers value to the region in other ways. They supplied pipe to North Yorkshire County Council for the repair of a bridge destroyed by floods. Their involvement helped re-connect the communities of Grinton and Leyburn and meant that the UCI Road World Championship route could take place.

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