Northallerton Popup Inspired Business Start-Up

06 July 2017

Faye Levi is attending Northallerton Popup to give marketing adviceIN NOVEMBER last year, marketing expert Faye Levi first attended a Popup Business Café in Northallerton seeking advice on starting up her own business.

Eight months on and she’s returning, but there’s a difference this time. Now, with six months successful trading under her belt, Faye’s back to assist those seeking business advice.

‘‘When I moved to Yorkshire from London I struggled to find the right role that also fit around my family life. The Popup Business Café in Northallerton was the most useful, interesting and motivating event I went to when I was considering starting-up on my own.

“I saw a variety of advisors over the event, including Gordon Lindsay – who is now my business mentor and who challenged me to come up with a business plan that would work, and David Gibson – who in any other world could have been my competitor, but is an example that in an area as large as ours there’s plenty of room for businesses to collaborate and share knowledge – it’s a pleasant change from the London rat race. The event timing and format was great for a working parent who’s short on time’’, says Faye.

For Faye, her first Popup Business Café experience provided the inspiration to venture into self-employment and start up her own marketing company, Faye Levi Marketing.

This time around, Faye will be on hand amongst other local business experts to offer free, impartial advice on a variety of topics including marketing, finance, tax, accountancy and social media.

“Many of my clients are charities so I’m experienced at delivering real results with just a shoestring budget. I’ll be on hand to help show you what you can achieve with limited resources, from creating your marketing plan to tracking whether your marketing efforts are working.”

“Before you come to the event I’d do a bit of research into the advisors who’ll be there and note down a couple of questions you want to ask them. That way you can make the most of your time and get some great advice, tailored to you and your business.’’, says Faye.

If you are thinking of starting a business like Faye, or are looking for help and advice – whatever your businesses size or stage, you can find a variety of experts willing to answer your questions, at the Evolution Business Centre, County Business Park (behind Sam Turners), Darlington Road, Northallerton, DL6 2NQ on Thursday 6th July, for free.

You can find out more and book a place here.