Northern Powerhouse Minister Visits Major North Yorkshire Project

24 February 2017

Minister for the Northern Powerhouse Andrew Percy MP attended Sirius Minerals mine in North Yorkshire last week.

The mine was officially named  the “Woodsmith Mine” by Mr Percy after two of the original geologists that worked on the project, Mr Peter Woods and Dr Frederick Smith. Both have extensive knowledge of the local geology and were the first people in the area to work with Chris Fraser the project founder.

The £2.2 billion project, known as the largest private sector investment in the North, will create over 1,000 direct jobs and many more indirectly to help support our coastal communities. At full production it has the potential to generate over £2billion in exports for the country each year and generate hundreds of millions in tax payments.

Mr Percy said:  “Today marks an important step for Sirius Minerals’ North Yorkshire mining project, which is a real vote of confidence in the economic potential of the Northern Powerhouse.

 “The Woodsmith Mine has the potential to create over a thousand jobs and generate billions of pounds of exports for the region, and so I’m excited to see it progress.”

More information is available from Sirius Minerals