NYCC aim to make a positive change to the way children travel to school in North Yorkshire

28 October 2020

North Yorkshire County Council are encouraging parents and carers to re-think the school run, and think about how they can make it fun, safe and healthy.

The government has released information and guidance on sustainable transport for journeys between home and school, and other education settings. This is in line with current requirements to adhere to coronavirus restrictions and guidelines. In response to this, NYCC are working on the development and delivery of a schools Travel Demand Management scheme which includes a communications plan and a range of measures, all aimed at helping to support the safe return to school

As part of this, and the Open North Yorkshire sustainable travel project, NYCC will be engaging with residents and education settings across North Yorkshire, and sharing key messages, to ensure that school journeys can run as smoothly as possible. They will also:

  • Encourage and support schools to develop their own travel plans to promote active travel on the school run
  • Help parents, carers and students to think about more sustainable and active transport modes. where possible. for the school run
  • Consider a range of different measures and initiatives to encourage parents and carers to re-think the school run to make it fun, safe and healthy

Lockdown and coronavirus has presented everyone with significant challenges, but residents in North Yorkshire have made lots of positive changes, particularly in terms of transport and travel. Residents have rediscovered the benefits of walking and cycling for more journeys in their local area, and as a result the region has seen reduced traffic and congestion. NYCC are hoping to keep some of these positive changes, and help residents to save time, save money and get fitter through more active and sustainable travel, particularly for the school run.

To find out more, and keep up to date with top tips and advice for the school run, follow the Open North Yorkshire Facebook page.


A Plan to Reshape our Economy

Following on from our vision launch for a greener, fairer, stronger economic recovery for YNY, the LEP has worked with all LAs and partner organisations region-wide to develop a plan to reshape the region’s economy in order to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the pandemic.

Read the full Plan to Reshape our Economy here.

Impact of the plan on reshaping the economy will be measured by successful delivery against the 10 pledges. Read the pledge stories on our news page here.


Join us on Friday 6 November for our annual conference.

Held online for the first time, the conference will focus on a Greener, Fairer, Stronger vision for reshaping the York & North Yorkshire economy and how we can work together to achieve this. 

Register here:

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