On July 13th the Popup Business Café returns to Tadcaster.

13 July 2017

John Stainthorpe, a local businessman welcomes the Popup as another positive step towards businesses working together to grow Tadcaster’s potential for the towns independent business.

‘’I wouldn’t say we’ve quite bounced back, certainly we’re in a better place than when the bridge collapsed, but there’s still a lot of work to do’’ , says John, owner of Everything Good Goes’ – a local bar/café and an adjacent bicycle shop.

Just before the New Year in 2016, Tadcaster bridge collapsed from flood water during heavy rains causing disruption of this vital link to the town’s businesses, but that didn’t stop John from starting up in business, nor has it stopped Tadcaster’s businesses from persevering.

In February this year vital repairs to the bridge were completed with the help of £3m from Government, £1.4m from the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership and a lot of hard work from the local community. The next step is for Tadcaster’s business community to get together and work upon rebranding Tadcaster as a go-to destination.

‘’People come from all around to visit Tadcaster as it’s well placed between York and Leeds, it has character and lovely, friendly independent businesses with great potential. It’s not a clone town, feeling more like a village. There’s a lot going for it, I wouldn’t have started up here otherwise, but it needs a lot of work. It’s time for a change and a move forward to increase the Town’s footfall. If we can make it work through flooding, there’s no reason we can’t make it work now and for the future”, says John.

 And potential is what John wants to build upon. That’s why he’s starting the Tadcaster Traders Association, to get local businesses working together.

For businesses and those interested in working together, but for one day only, is the Tadcaster Popup Business Café. On July 13th a variety of local business experts will be on hand to have their brains picked on a range of topics including tax, accountancy, web design, social media, marketing and more, for free.

‘’It’s a nice feel in comparison to other networking events, it’s informal and relaxed, well organised and another way for people and businesses to get together with helpful experts to boost your business’’, says John who hosted the first Tadcaster Popup’.

You can pop-in and pop-out as you please between 9am and 1pm at Everything Good Goes café, Tadcaster, LS24 9AB. Come and join the Local Enterprise Partnership, local businesses and local experts for free, friendly, informal, impartial business advice and to continue supporting Tadcaster’s businesses.

If you’d don’t want to miss out and would like to book a place visit www.tadcaster2017popup.eventbrite.co.uk

or the HowsBusiness.org website.