Our road improvement plans for Catterick

26 August 2015

The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) are working with both North Yorkshire and Richmondshire councils to deliver a £1.6 million road upgrading programme at Catterick Garrison. The LEP is providing £1.2 million towards this major investment, with £400,000 coming from the county council.

The aim of the programme is to enable extensive town and housing development at Catterick, one of the largest military bases in Europe.

The works, which are due to start in January, will provide much needed junction improvements along the A6136 to help create 1,900 new homes and hundreds of jobs as well as key transport links and fast access to and from the A1 and the region’s major cities. Its aim is to secure both housing and employment growth opportunities.

David Dickson, Chair of the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership Infrastructure Board said: “We’re pleased to provide funding towards this important project, which will help to secure housing and employment growth in Catterick Garrison.

“Increasing the capacity of the A6136 will help to unlock future developments in the area and support Catterick’s potential to grow in the future.”

The planned improvements are:

  • White Shops (Catterick Road/Byng Road/Horne Road) – a major upgraded and signalised junction
  • Catterick Bridge – a change in priority at the junction
  • Scorton Cross Roads – a signal upgrade

In total the LEP has £122.2 million in Local Growth funding, going on projects across York, North Yorksire and the East Riding.