Recruiting from the Wider Workforce: Why Open Recruitment is Important

01 February 2019

In the face of current labour market issues across York, North Yorkshire and East Riding, such as the ever growing construction skills gap, ageing workforce and the struggle to recruit and retain staff, it is becoming increasingly important that employers are not missing out on recruiting the best talent possible for their business.

York, North Yorkshire and East Riding are generally affluent areas with low unemployment and high skills attainment. Untapped skills and talent is hidden in communities of people in under-represented groups such as those with physical or mental health problems, ex-offenders and the long term unemployed, which are often over-looked by employers. This means that businesses are missing out on the new energy, innovation and productivity that potential employees can bring to a business.

Research shows that employers who recruit from under-represented groups experience lower rates of staff turnover, a stronger commitment to the organisation from employees and lower absenteeism. Businesses who are tapping into these groups are finding it to be a time worthy and beneficial investment with new employees bringing a renewed vitality and fresh perspective to support business growth.

In order to obtain the most talented people to help businesses achieve their maximum potential, we are encouraging employers to actively explore the wealth of skills and talent that lies within people in over-looked, underrepresented groups. If you are looking to recruit from the wider workforce find out more here.

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