Residents and Businesses Urged to Back A64 Campaign.

17 September 2018

Ahead of a key decision on improving the A64 east of York, local people and businesses are being urged to show how important it is to dual the key route from York towards Malton.

Employers, local Councils, MPs, business organisations and the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership have come together as the ‘A64 Growth Partnership’ – and they want the community to display new car stickers now available from businesses and Council offices along the route.

The A64 suffers from heavy congestion as it’s the main route to and from the Yorkshire coast and Ryedale to York, West Yorkshire and major motorways. Businesses along the route are often affected by unreliable journey times for transporting goods and services. People using the route suffer regular delays and the Hopgrove section of the A64 is one of the most notorious ‘pinch points’ on Yorkshire’s road network.

During the next few months, Highways England will be consulting local people on 4 options for upgrading the A64 east of the Hopgrove roundabout on the outskirts of York. Some – but not all – options would provide dual carriageway from Hopgrove to the next section of dual carriageway at Barton le Willows. The outcomes of this consultation will then be fed back to government, who will make a final decision on the type and extent of upgrading to the A64.

The A64 Growth Partnership believes that it is essential that dual carriageway upgrade from Hopgrove connects with the subsequent section and does not leave an unimproved section that would merely transfer the congestion further east than at present. Ultimately, the Partnership is seeking full dualling of the road from York to Malton, with safety and overtaking improvements between Malton and Scarborough.

‘#A64JustDualIt’ car stickers can be picked up from a range of businesses along the route and within Malton town centre. This includes supermarkets, garages, council offices and libraries and pubs in villages near the road.

Chair of the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP, David Kerfoot, explained the importance of people showing their support, “This is about a public show of support for this much-needed new investment. We want people to show the government and politicians what this upgrading means to them and to local businesses. The A64 is such a vital route through our area. Getting this investment to upgrade the road between York and Malton to dual carriageway would support businesses and people throughout our area and is such a vital part of supporting the rural economy between York and the coast”.

Kingspan is a company based at Sherburn, between Malton and Scarborough. Their lorries use the route every day. Tom Paul, from the company, explained what impact this community support could have for the area’s businesses, “People showing their support in this way will really help to raise the profile of why this road upgrade is so important for businesses right along the route. We want to present a united front to government to show how important this is. Working together – businesses and people living in the area – will help to present the strongest possible case for new investment”.

Full details of the campaign are available HERE. A list of venues currently holding campaign stickers is HERE.

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