Seagrown: A great Yorkshire business leading the way in circular practices

01 August 2020

To celebrate Yorkshire Day, we are taking a look at some of our great Yorkshire businesses. SeaGrown is a new and innovative company pioneering offshore seaweed farming in the UK.  Based in Scarborough on the North Yorkshire Coast, it operates one of the UK’s largest offshore licensed aquaculture sites.

Seagrown is dedicated to running a truly sustainable company which actively benefits the environment that supports it.

Seaweed takes up carbon as it grows, and at the same time it produces oxygen – essential to supporting marine life. As a business, Seagrown is in a unique position to produce an exciting range of new products which genuinely support a Fairer, Greener (and Bluer!) Stronger Economy.

Through its marine operations, it is trialling the inclusion of shellfish on the offshore farm – a circular approach whereby the seaweed produces oxygen for the shellfish and the shellfish release nutrients used by the seaweed.

Right now, Seagrown is busy developing its farm operations, rising to the challenges posed by working in the wild North Sea.  It is currently working on the latest addition to the SeaGrown fleet – a ship which will be brought to Scarborough to house the business, and provide an opportunity for them to engage with the general public to showcase the work that is being undertaken.

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