Support & Funding to help your business benefit from Circular Economy

24 November 2020

We will discuss how adopting circular economy practices can help businesses grow and become more resilient post COVID-19. You will hear from our 3 speakers from PAPI, Rebiz and SparkFund on how your business can access funding to support you becoming a sustainable and circular business and Cooper King Distillery will share their own experience of navigating the world of circular economy funding and support and how the became one of only a handful of distilleries in the UK to run on 100% green energy, and the only distillery in Europe to join the global environmental initiative, 1% for the Planet.

Chamber webinar copy

Cooper King Distillery – Circular Yorkshire 24.11.20

PAPI Presentation YNYER Circular Economy Event


SparkFund YNYER CE event 2020

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