The benefits of Devolution in West Yorkshire

04 June 2020

Leaders of the five West Yorkshire councils have secured an ambitious devolution deal with Government, which will see an historic transfer of powers and investment from Whitehall to West Yorkshire. It will give local control of at least £1.8 billion of funding to be spent on the things that matter to the people of West Yorkshire.

The deal means decisions across key areas, such as better transport, skills, the economy, housing and regeneration will be taken in West Yorkshire by people who know and understand the region, bringing benefits for rural and urban communities and improvements to people’s quality of life.

It will also mean a directly-elected mayor for West Yorkshire with elections being held in May 2021.

The benefits of Devolution in West Yorkshire can positively impact neighbouring Yorkshire regions.

A consultation is being held from 25 May to 19 July on the devolution deal and proposals for a directly elected mayor. West Yorkshire Combined Authority are keen that stakeholders outside West Yorkshire with close economic ties with Leeds City Region also have the opportunity to take part in the consultation.

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