‘This region has given me so much’ – David Kerfoot reflects as he steps down as LEP chair

15 March 2021

After 10 years as a board member, serving the last three years as LEP Chair, David .A. Kerfoot MBE DL stood down today at his final board meeting with York and North Yorkshire LEP.

Thanking David for the passion and commitment he has shown throughout his tenure, James Farrar, COO of the LEP said,

“Working with David, particularly over the last few years in his role as Chair, has been a huge privilege. David is an authentic leader and what he wants for our region is for the LEP to deliver real impact on the ground, locally, and make a positive difference. His absolute commitment to ensuring our performance as a LEP has seen us deliver £220m of Local Growth Fund and European funded investment over the last five years, on time and on budget.

“David has championed our region, ensuring that as a vastly rural place, with distinctions of the North Yorkshire Coastline and the unique City of York, our region’s opportunities are recognised and valued. Under David’s leadership, we have developed a clear vision for North Yorkshire as a greener, fairer, stronger place with a pivotal role in ensuring the whole of north reach their carbon negative ambitions.

“From all of our board members and staff, we offer David our sincere gratitude for the time and commitment he has given to the region and to our team here at the York and North Yorkshire LEP.”

In his farewell message to partners, David Kerfoot said,

“Our LEP has always been proud to be on the ground, working locally, building strong relationships and really getting to grips with the diverse range of places on our patch. Whether delivering capital investment, skills programmes and business support or developing strategic approaches that can reshape our economy, every, single thing that we have achieved over the years has been as a product of great partnerships.

“This last year our partnerships have gone from strength to strength. Your resilience and commitment to our region has been awe-inspiring. I cannot thank you enough for the hours upon hours that have gone into your response to the pandemic and your commitment to reshape for our on-going recovery and reshaping of the economy.”

David will stand down as of the 15th of March. Helen Simpson OBE will succeed him, when she takes up her role of Chair from 22nd March 2021.

One Response to “‘This region has given me so much’ – David Kerfoot reflects as he steps down as LEP chair”

  1. On behalf of Chamber members in North Yorkshire and our team, I would like to thank David for making such a positive difference to the LEP and the businesses it supports. David’s knowledge, enthusiasm and drive has made a difference. His willingness to engage and share a vision for the economy in North Yorkshire has been greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you have achieved.

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