Tribe York: A Place for Small Businesses to Connect and Collaborate

19 November 2018

As you know, this week is York Business week, which is seven days dedicated to inspire and grow local businesses as well as celebrate all that is great about doing business in the City of York and the wider sub regions. We love helping local businesses get the recognition they deserve, so we have been out and about, chatting to York businesses to hear all about the great work they’re doing.

Many of the businesses we meet, we do so because they are seeking support from our Growth Hub, How’s Business. One such business is Tribe York, founded by Joe Gardham and Andy Simpson, which officially opened in September 2018. Located just off Micklegate, Tribe York provides a light, attractive, modern space in York City Centre for start-up businesses and social entrepreneurs who would otherwise be working remotely at home or hot-desking in a noisy cafe, to come and realise their ambitions with other likeminded businesspeople.

So, how did Tribe York come about?

Both Joe and Andy own social enterprises and have, before now, found themselves working in cramped corners in coffee shops, which are both noisy and expensive. Recognising that there are other people in York in similar circumstances, they decided to create a flexible work space: Tribe York. Yet, Tribe York is about more than creating a practical working space; it’s about creating a community.

The project was brought to life thanks to sponsorship from How’s Business, which provides free, impartial support and advice to businesses.

Tribe York gives small businesses and entrepreneurs the chance to come together in a professional space with a relaxed atmosphere to connect and collaborate with like-minded people, as well as providing access to a network of business support services. Tribe York hosts talks and master-classes based on core elements of business start-up and growth which are run by a mobilised team of volunteer ‘experts in the field’ from across the city.

Their ambition is for Tribe York to expand across Yorkshire reaching areas, supporting ‘kitchen table’ based businesses based in market towns and villages, where an increasing number of people work from home.

We know that 95% of businesses in our region are small and micro, many looking for support to sustain, improve or grow. Collectively, these vibrant and often innovative small businesses, contribute to the health and sustainability of the wider economy. Our business diversity is our strength. So, what makes Tribe York different from any other Business Hub or small business support? How’s Business funded Tribe York because of its focus on social entrepreneurship. Tribe York has a social mission, looking to the businesses they house and support to consider social impact. They encourage their network to be profitable and successful, whilst doing something good with their time and/or money – this could include mentoring and volunteering, providing discounted services for those that can’t afford it, or donating a percentage of profits to good causes. In its own right, Tribe York also offers something different to York and the city region, because as a business, it has a culture and energy that speaks to a growing base of creative entrepreneurs, and invites many other kinds of business to share in that drive. Tribe York presents a new way and a new vibe for York.

If you’re interested in working with Tribe York, perhaps offering your expertise to it’s network, supporting their growth and expansion, or even basing yourself there, please contact: Joe Gardham, [email protected], 07551 008 631 or details below:

[email protected]

They’re also on: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


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