How can local authorities benefit from the circular economy?

15 July 2020



Last week saw the launch of the first webinar in the series being developed for Local Authorities as part of this year’s Circular Yorkshire campaign.

Around fifty attendees from around the UK and mainland Europe, benefited from the session which involved presenters from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Brighton and Hove City Council and Glasgow Chamber of Commerce discussing what circular economy is and how it can help us to build economic resilience, reduce carbon emissions and strengthen communities.

The webinar recording and a summary presentation from the event can be accessed here.

Join us on Wed 5th August for the next webinar event, where we’ll be doing a deep-dive into York and North Yorkshire’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan and the role of circular economy activities in building resilience. We’ll also be discussing the wider economic benefits of moving towards a circular economy and how principles can be incorporated into Economic Development Strategies.

Guest speakers include WRAP’s Chief Strategic Advisor, Patrick Mahon, one of three authors of WRAP’s recent Build Back Better Report. Patrick will be sharing the recommendations from their “Six-point plan” for post-COVID growth, and how the circular economy holds the key to unlocking sustainable growth. We’ll also be hearing how the Welsh Government are incorporating the circular economy into their COVID Recovery Plans, and what they’ve learnt in the process.

The session is designed for local authority officers, elected members, organisations and community groups that want to play their role in building a greener, fairer and stronger economy. For more information and to sign up for the event, visit:



Key takeaways learnings – How local authorities can benefit from the circular economy

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